After I finished Spec Ops in the last update, my next order of business was to finish Doom 3, and the two expansions that came with the BFG edition, and count it as my second game.

And, so I've reached a notable update point: I've beat the main campaign of Doom 3 on Veteran.

Veteran is the second hardest difficulty in the game, where you receive 170% damage when hit, as opposed to Recruit's (easy) 75% and Marine's (normal) 90% damages.

When I originally beat the main campaign, I was about 14 years old, and I found the game really hard (due to my huge unfamiliarity with how PC shooters worked). So, I was on Recruit and had cheats on, and beat the game that way.

Now that I've legitimately beat the game, I feel a bit proud, like I can reclaim a bit of honor.

I may actually return to the game again after February and try it in Nightmare mode. In Nightmare, you take 350% damage, and you lose 5 health every 5 seconds (regardless of taking any damage) until you hit 25 health. There are no medpacks lying around, so the only way to heal back up is to use a weapon that heals you, or to use medstations throughout the game.

I will start the first expansion, Resurrection of Evil tomorrow (I guess I actually mean later today, it's 1 AM here), and I might beat it the same day, depending on how long it actually takes me.