And here we are.

Not at the end of my Four in February, mind you, but the end of another game.

I've finished Doom 3's Lost Mission, which is the final expansion in Doom 3 BFG Edition.

The Lost Mission is by far the most action-based expansion, but it is also the shortest. Whereas the main campaign of Doom 3 took me around 10 hours, and Resurrection of Evil took me about 5, Lost Mission took around 3 to complete.

It was great fun, from killing smaller demons with a pistol (and me yelling "NONONONONONONO" because the pistol is super-weaksauce) to annihilating the final boss with the BFG, there was hardly a moment where I wasn't having fun.

Overall, I would definitely play all the Doom 3 content again, and happily do so. I was challenged enough by Veteran that I feel Nightmare would be back-breakingly hard, but I'd likely have a great time doing so.

Up next? Assassin's Creed Liberation HD (PC).

I've already played about half of the game on the Vita, but I've only barely played it on PC. I stopped playing the original because of a Vita-specific minigame that required using actual light to read through an envelope, and getting the minigame to sense the light became a chore, and cost me a full sync requirement (solve the puzzle in under 30 seconds or some bullshit like that) for a story mission.