And so I've reached another logical update point!

I've finished the first expansion to Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil.

I did it on Veteran, which proved to be tricky on the last few levels, again (seems to be a trend so far, easy at first, then ramps up the difficulty). I didn't die as much as I did in the main campaign, which a lot of it can be attributed to the fact that the expansion is shorter (by a ton), and another portion of it can be attributed to the fact that I feel like I did better this time around.

Ammo was more scarce than it was in Doom 3, where I was pretty much maxed out on ammo straight up to the end.

Finally, the Artifact took me forever to figure out how to charge it up. Instead of killing 5 dudes (a-la Soul Cube in Doom 3), you have to find dead corpses and have the Artifact out for it to "absorb" the soul/corpse/what-have-you.

I'm glad that I'm getting to play one of my favorite games for Four in February, but I'm a little bit saddened by the fact that I have a 2-3 hour expansion left, which I'll probably breeze through. But once I've finished the Lost Levels, I'll be half-way through my Four in February!