Only You Can Help Me! (UPDATED: Help recieved!)

Does anyone have a Geodude egg in X or Y?

I need a Geodude to complete my party, and I can't get them until later.

I do have an Eevee Egg to trade for it., walked all of 7 or eight steps to get it from the guy to the PC.

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: I have the Geodude egg I've been looking for! I had a friend trade me some… » 10/16/13 9:03pm 10/16/13 9:03pm

I've Finished Mass Effect 2 For The Second Time (DLC Review Of Sorts)

I've been running through the Mass Effect series again, this time as a renegade FemShep (I was a paragon ManShep my first time through). I finished ME1 about a few weeks back, and now I've finished ME2 just a few hours ago. This run is the first time I've had access to the full game, which means all the DLCs plus the… » 8/30/13 2:52am 8/30/13 2:52am